How to Read the JR Map!

Courtesy of Japanrailpass, they have a JR map that can be download to your phone Looks like craziness doesn’t it! Well let’s break it down! Every colored line is a different train line (for example the darker yellow line is the Chuo/Sobu line) Every black block is a bigger or main station Every whiteContinue reading “How to Read the JR Map!”

Going Through Japan’s Airports / How to Get to Your Next Destination

No matter which airport you land in Japan, you will have to go through customs/immigration When you get off the plane, follow the crowd towards customs/immigration (will be in English). You can get a visitor/immigration card on your plane and fill it out during flight, or you can fill one out at a kiosk/desk nearContinue reading “Going Through Japan’s Airports / How to Get to Your Next Destination”

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