How to use Public Transportation: JR pass, JR rail, Metro

JR Pass: When you activate your JR pass at a JR office at a station, you can now use any JR system of transport for free! Normal JR trains: at each station you just need to go through the manned kiosk at the entrance. Show the agent your JR pass and go through (you mayContinue reading “How to use Public Transportation: JR pass, JR rail, Metro”

Passes, Phones, and Money Before Entering Japan

JR Pass I mentioned the JR pass before in another post, but I will offer more details here. If you plan to buy a JR pass, order it within 3 months BEFORE THE DATE YOU PLAN TO ACTIVATE IT. There are many sites you can use to buy the pass- please pay attention to returnContinue reading “Passes, Phones, and Money Before Entering Japan”

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