How to Read the JR Map!

Courtesy of Japanrailpass, they have a JR map that can be download to your phone Looks like craziness doesn’t it! Well let’s break it down! Every colored line is a different train line (for example the darker yellow line is the Chuo/Sobu line) Every black block is a bigger or main station Every whiteContinue reading “How to Read the JR Map!”

How to use Public Transportation: JR pass, JR rail, Metro

JR Pass: When you activate your JR pass at a JR office at a station, you can now use any JR system of transport for free! Normal JR trains: at each station you just need to go through the manned kiosk at the entrance. Show the agent your JR pass and go through (you mayContinue reading “How to use Public Transportation: JR pass, JR rail, Metro”

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