How to Read the JR Map!

Courtesy of Japanrailpass, they have a JR map that can be download to your phone Looks like craziness doesn’t it! Well let’s break it down! Every colored line is a different train line (for example the darker yellow line is the Chuo/Sobu line) Every black block is a bigger or main station Every whiteContinue reading “How to Read the JR Map!”

How to use Public Transportation: JR pass, JR rail, Metro

JR Pass: When you activate your JR pass at a JR office at a station, you can now use any JR system of transport for free! Normal JR trains: at each station you just need to go through the manned kiosk at the entrance. Show the agent your JR pass and go through (you mayContinue reading “How to use Public Transportation: JR pass, JR rail, Metro”

Going Through Japan’s Airports / How to Get to Your Next Destination

No matter which airport you land in Japan, you will have to go through customs/immigration When you get off the plane, follow the crowd towards customs/immigration (will be in English). You can get a visitor/immigration card on your plane and fill it out during flight, or you can fill one out at a kiosk/desk nearContinue reading “Going Through Japan’s Airports / How to Get to Your Next Destination”

Manners/Etiquette- Dos and Don’ts in Japan

Do Not DO! Trains, buses, subway, and other forms of public transportation: Don’t talk loudly, scream, or be obnoxious on any form of public transportation Many people rely on hearing their stop if they are on a section of the train where they can’t see the next stop (especially when the train or subway isContinue reading “Manners/Etiquette- Dos and Don’ts in Japan”

Passes, Phones, and Money Before Entering Japan

JR Pass I mentioned the JR pass before in another post, but I will offer more details here. If you plan to buy a JR pass, order it within 3 months BEFORE THE DATE YOU PLAN TO ACTIVATE IT. There are many sites you can use to buy the pass- please pay attention to returnContinue reading “Passes, Phones, and Money Before Entering Japan”

What to Keep in Mind for Packing

*CAUTION-I’m going to speak pretty straightforwardly regarding different races in Japan* Japanese people dress pretty conservatively. Japan is a homogenous country; so many non-Asian looking people will be seen as foreigners. Being a Non-Asian Foreigner in Japan PROS: You can get away with what you wear, poor manners, and (non-violent) actions. ALSO YOU GET AWAYContinue reading “What to Keep in Mind for Packing”

Deciding Where to Book a Place to Stay!

BEFORE YOU BOOK ANY HOTEL, READ THIS BLOG FULLY! Deciding which location or which hotel, home, etc. to stay in can be pretty difficult for first time travelers. However, hopefully my tips can help your decision making. Regardless of which city you decide to stay in, there are many factors that you should consider beforeContinue reading “Deciding Where to Book a Place to Stay!”

Choosing When to Travel to Japan

So you have a current and/or future plans to visit Japan? Whether you are a student about to study abroad, on a business trip, or just visiting, knowing when you will be in the country will change what you can experience there. Japan is very unique in each season and festivals are dependent on theContinue reading “Choosing When to Travel to Japan”

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