Going Through Japan’s Airports / How to Get to Your Next Destination

No matter which airport you land in Japan, you will have to go through customs/immigration

  1. When you get off the plane, follow the crowd towards customs/immigration (will be in English).
  2. You can get a visitor/immigration card on your plane and fill it out during flight, or you can fill one out at a kiosk/desk near the immigration area
  3. Follow signs that fit your status (Japanese passport holders, visitor, etc.)  
  4. Follow instructions from your immigration agent (you will be fingerprinted and photographed)
  5. You will get your luggage after customs
  6. Follow the exit and look at signs above to see where your luggage will be
  7. After you grab your luggage, you will go through customs to make sure you didn’t bring anything illegal into the country
    • You will answer questions about where you are staying, why, etc.
    • I have told them before that I am staying in a hotel in Tokyo (which I wasn’t until the 3rd day) and left it at that. They did not search my bag or anything.
  8. Then you are free to go to the main center of the airport

How to get to your next destination

There are many cheap ways to get to where you need to be

  • DO NOT GET A TAXI unless absolutely necessary

Use public transport!
For Tokyo, there are several ways to get to the main city whether you are coming in from Haneda or Narita Airport

  1. Narita:
    • Recommended: Keisei Skyliner– about 2500 yen (quickest time to Tokyo)
      • The Keisei Skyliner gets you quickly to Ueno and Nippori station and is pretty fast. You need to reserve seats.
    • JR Narita Express (NEX)- about 3000 yen
      • The Narita Express can get you to Tokyo areas like Shinagawa, Shinjuku and Ikebukuro Stations, Yokohama, and more. You need to reserve seats.
    • JR Sobu Line (Rapid Service)- about 1300 yen
      • The Rapid Sobu Line is a normal non-reserved JR train to Tokyo. There are more stops on this line and more people. It can be very crowded at certain times of the day.
    • Keisei Bus– 1000 yen
      • This bus is the cheapest option, but also the slowest to get to Tokyo station.
      • Also they only allow one luggage per customer (so please be aware)
      • You can book online or pay in person
  2. Haneda:
    • Tokyo Monorail- about 650 yen with 1 transfer
      • Take the Tokyo Monorail then transfer to a JR line to get to where you need to be
    • Keikyu Railways
      • Similar to the monorail, take the Keikyu Airport Line then later transfer to a JR line to get to where you need to be
    • By limousine bus– about 900-2000 yen depending
      • This bus goes directly to Tokyo so you don’t have to transfer
      • You can check in 2 bags!
  3. Kansai/Osaka/other airports:
    • Very similar to Narita/Haneda- you can take JR lines or limousine buses to get to where you need to go  

Maps To Help:

TO/FROM Narita Airport

For more information click HERE

TO/FROM Haneda Airport

For more information click HERE

TO/FROM Kansai Airport

For more information click HERE

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