Food food food food!

I love Asakasa (not Asakusa) for its food! Walk into many of its backstreets and you will see many capsule hotels, restaurants stacked on top of each other (up and down/right and left), and more. I recommend coming here for other things too, but mainly for dinner experiences.

Akasaka is close to Roppongi and Tokyo Skytree, so you can combine this place to your itinerary. Here is some of my recommendation for you!

Toraji Akasaka

Location: Japan, 〒107-0052 Tokyo, Minato City, Akasaka, 3 Chome−15−13 富司林ビル1F

To be honest, it’s not the best Yakiniku place, but you can make reservations online (and in English) and do all you can eat/drink cheaply for 2 hours! Toraji is also a chain you can find elsewhere, but I like the vibe of Asakasa, so I always pick here.


Itamae Sushi Akasaka

Location: Japan, 〒107-0052 Tokyo, Minato City, Akasaka, 3 Chome−8−17 パンジャパンビル 1階2階

This sushi place is more on the expensive side however, it is a foreigner-friendly establishment! You can use google to reserve a spot for your group as well. Sushi is pretty good, and the vibe/interior is great!


Bistro Q

Location:  Japan, 〒107-0052 Tokyo, Minato City, 20, 2丁目20−15 HAGAビル1F

If you are a little sick of eating Japanese, head to Bistro Q, a French restaurant. This restaurant also serves course meals as well if you want to dine fully. You may also reserve a table online via google.


Ninja Akasaka

Location:  Japan, 〒100-0014 Tokyo, Chiyoda City, Nagatacho, 2 Chome−14−3 赤坂東急プラザ1階

Why not eat with Ninjas! It is a little corny but it is fun for family and friends. Food is not bad either. I recommend you reserve a spot on their website. Because it is a dinner and a show, it is more expensive per person.


There is so much more you can find walking around, so if you are up for it, just explore!

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